Luck was on my side it seemed that day, despite (or inspite) of bird crap landing 1 foot away from me whilst walking down Bristols Highstreet! There were onlookers who witnessed this matrix like dodge (or poor aim from the aforementioned Pidgeon), with even a light applause.

I arrived early at the venue for some pre-gig grub, consisting of their pork belly with chorizo balls: super quality gravy and super cheap! I'm not used to such gormet dining (I'm obviously a Toby Carvery man) and I should really be getting paid to say this. Chuman did a great job with the sound and monitoring, and all the bar staff were great fun bantering: remember kids, don't "drink and bartend"! I can now ask for my usual and get room temperature water (good for the voice), and quote a Norm-ism in jest whenever I enter.

I played this gig with your friend and mine, Omar Ramlugon. With his sharp leather jacket and even sharper wit, he busted out stellar covers of Chuck Ragan and Menzinger songs. I was extremely impressed and can't wait to gig more with him.

The stage felt really good to play on: it was only slightly elevated, so whilst it felt like a stage it also was very intimate, leaving little barier between performer and listener. A big audience also means a noisey one however: so big, loud songs were in order.


See you in the next one: don't be late,

TE x.